Reflection on Games

Game 1, Spent : I loved hoe the game made me aware of every action and its circumstances that might happen which is affecting not only my character in the game but also his children, fearing that I might hurt him any way or disappoint him or maybe be sacrifice some essentials parts of his own life had a big impact. I like that the game is simple and effective. It made me realize the depth of the impact of my actions.

Game 2, Domestic : I would have loved if this game had a simulation to many branches of choices during the game with more interaction with the person playing and its affect of the woman’s path in the game

Game 3, Know yourself: it’s an amazing game, I like the way it is sending a message to the person playing to not hurry in making a decision and putting assumptions in whatever the situation is being dealt with. I really enjoyed it

Game 4, Responsible partying: it was on of the least favorite nut it wasn’t a bad game at the same time. it was a bit interactive but in a very minimal way. the background was the same picture the whole game. also it included so much reading and statistics that it actually reached a point which was boring

Game 5, Skills Practice: A Home Visit: was really amazing. The fact that it is portrayed through videos made it seem so realistic, which helped in sending the message. the idea that I have to choose the right thing and trying my best and failing even if my intentions were good was a bit if a hardship that I felt. as my answers didn’t help the situation at all so I think in similar situation I would listen more trying to validate the feeling and giving a comforting answer

Game 6, Single Mother: I liked because it was very short and to the point. it tackled a topic in which my opinion people should shed some light upon more. the limiting options inside the game making it harder to you to reach any good outcome taught me a lot about how women in some places are treated unequally just based on their gender.

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