Final Game and reflection

Link to final draft game:

Reflection on the Game :
– When I first came up with “driving game”, I wanted it to be informative as much as I can. I though it was an easy task till I started working on it and realized the endless possibilities of making a game and the scenarios. I kept thinking about what topic should I make the game about till I decided to make it about something that have been affecting me personally in my life so that I can talk about for a personal experience also add a lot of research into it in order to inform others as well. So I decided to make the game about distracted driving because when I thought about it most people globally inform people to be aware of the dangers of drunk driving but then I realized that this is not the case hear in Egypt to not all of the people would relate or use the info out of it into their lives so I searched for what is the equivalent to it that affects most of us in our region and asked a lot of my friends and family and I found out the distracted driving is one of the main causes that affects us and is a main cause of a big percentage of the overall car accidents that happens in the region. what is sad about it is that all distracted driving cases are preventable.

The hardest part for me was thinking how will I make the player realize that the things we usually do as our daily routine while driving is in fact the source of danger threatening our safety and our lives. It can be a simple action as charging the phone while driving. So I had to research about several examples of distracted driving accidents also I had to reflect on most of my personal actions that I do personally while I drive to university 4 times a week. It wasn’t easy at all to implement and put these situations in terms of a scenario to be relatable to the person who is playing.

Moving on this was all I had for my first draft I knew it was missing a lot of things which were required to make it more like a game .
link to first draft:

I had to modify the game as much as I can turning it to a game so the first think that came to my mind was adding some visuals and soundtracks to make it more imaginable for the situation
and I added some information about the topic when the game ends

If I had more time for creating this game:
– First I would have designed a character visually and programmed it with the scenarios for it to be acting the scenarios out infant of the player while
– I would have added a voice over for the narration of the choices or scenarios
– I would have changed the course of choices and actions taken and gave the player to have more options to choose their own paths in a more diverse choice possibility
– I would have added a timer for the player to choose an answer on how will they react in the situation to give them a sense of how quick and stressful decision making might be when they are distracted while driving

While creating this game I as I reflected on my own actions while driving as I mentioned before I started learning more about their dangers and how to actually start preventing myself from being distracted and become more focused while driving. I came across many articles and researches that explained these situations scientifically so I had more proof that supports my idea of the game to raise the awareness of these distractions as distracted driving a leading cause of worldwide traffic accidents and crashes.
Also this game gave me the chance to go out and discuss it with my friends in order to get different opinions on how to improve it as it made me use new tools to make it creative as much as possible so this game was the reason behind it

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