Assignment 5

For Assignment 5 I decided to choose one of the Mashup Assignments 
Here is the link:

I am supposed to take 2 actors and mash them together into one photo. I chose to use Pixlr to do this. Also I made sure that they look like they belong in their setting and they look like they were actually together when the photo was taken (the colors match, the sizing is right, etc). 

Link to Pixlr site:

OK, so I think I can easily say that this was one of my most favorite assignments from this semester

My final product was as follows :

It consisted from each of the following pictures alone:

I really enjoyed this assignments because I not only did I se my favorite childhood movies in it but I also learned to use an online designing tool which was really fun to do because I used a lot of tool and I had to watch some online tutorials to help so I was enjoying the journey of making such poster

SO regarding the movies let me start with the famous cartoon movie which was released in 2005 “Robots” I remember watching that movie as a kid and how it amazed me , SPOILERS AHED, it genre is considered a romantic/sci-fi movie for kids and it mainly talks about as far as I remember 😅 on how the world could have been with all the living creatures in it, are actually robots. Like their was no source of physical pain because if anything in their bodies is wrong they could just replace it or fix it easily which was one of the main elements that grabbed my attention as a kid in the movie.

The second movie is also one of my favorites by the famous Will Smith called “I,Robot” which mainly is considered in the drama/adaptation genre. It talk about a murder case in which they live in a world where robots are programmed to assist humans on daily basis and on basic tasks in living as they are also programmed never to harm humans whatsoever. But they find that later on that there is scientist who did an experiment to a robot updating it with human emotion and the robot mistakenly committed the murder out of confusion of choice due to emotion

Anyway I thought that these movies go well with each other interns of title and content as well so I am really happy with the result.

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