Final Reflection

I remember before this semester began after I registered my course I was talking with one of my friends called Amena about the courses I am taking this semester. When she knew that I am taking this course she got all excited and encouraged me a lot she told me that I will have so much fun as I will learn a lot of new stuff.

As we reach the end of the semester, it is time to give my reflection on the Digital Literacies course. Throughout my time at AUC, I have never encountered such an amazing course. Writing this reflection is not an easy task for me because although I wasn’t the most active student this semester but I actually enjoyed every bit of it. It was a class like no other. I have never seen a more bonded class nor I think I will ever see any class like this. Also for the first time in my 4 years in university I met a Professor who actually cares for the students themselves not just coming in here to deliver some information and leave. The professor played a huge role in making me like the class as she created a peaceful democratic atmosphere inside the classroom. Every class we all interacted with each other and shared our thoughts freely about many topics. This experience along with the context of our discussions, specifically the ones about kindness, bias, equity, pain, harassment, and many others made me change as a person. The professor always allowed us to share our thoughts in an organized manner, by allowing every one to speak their minds in turns, and that made the conversations really interesting, as there wasn’t much interruption. What made these conversations interesting are the topics themselves. The topics were always new, relatable and they had to do with recent events that happened around us. So I am really grateful for that.

If I get to talk mainly about my reflection points they are going to be as follows:
– The Content
– What would I have changed
– How would I show my learning
– Who should be taking this course
– General Reflection

The Content

This content of this course is one of the most practical and beneficial things I have ever studied during my journey in AUC, as most of my courses that I take during my time in the university have no real practicality outside an office unlike this course. At the beginning of this course we started by talking about the topic of segregation and I was a bit confused and asking my self how does this relate to digital literacy in any way possible? but later on we started talking about bias and it all made sense then when we discussed in class on how the programers having the power to portray how everyone sees anything online through how they portray it can sure have a factor of bias in it. This topic about bias was actually one of the most interesting for me in this course because I didn’t really think about it in a detailed and practical manner before.

Another topic that was close to my heart was the one about empathy. I still remember the empathy challenge or activity we did also I still remember discussing the difference between empathy and sympathy as it was helpful for me to know the difference. As well as it was a major influence on creating our own narrative game. Making the game was a good learning experience, I began with researching the topic I was interested in which was Distracted Driving and its influences and dangers on us. The creation of the game me a really big chance to be creative with using Google Slides in a new way like no other that I have used before. With a new tool that I learned giving us the option to jump through slides based on the narrative of the game and the choices of the player.

Another thing I want to talk about is how this course offers a variety of tools to use for our tasks that makes us capable of doing many stuff in a fun but educational way at the same time using different methods like using videos, podcasts, presentations and much more. Another thing is the blog which was a very unique way to deliver our assignment during the semester rather than the traditional ways because it encourages expression more.

What would I have changed

If I would change something in this course I would start with removing twitter. I really don’t like the platform. All of the assignments I just did them out of the sake of not losing grades but I didn’t actually have fun doing them as well as I don’t think that I benefited that much from it. I actually think it would have been a lot better if we would have used WordPress instead of twitter.
Another thing is that I thing I would go a bit less on the reflections and the written assignments, don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed them, I just think that they were a bit too much. Instead of writing down all of our opinions I would have added more ways for the student like presenting for examples etc.. Because personally I am not a big fan of reading so its like being required not to only read but to also reflect on a reading. I prefer the assignments that reveal my creativity and presentation skills in a expressive way that suits me more.
Finally, I really loved the conference we did to compensate for the missed Soliya session, it was such an eye opening experiencing with all of us having the opportunity to share our ideas with Sava . Thus, I would increase these. We can do many activities to keep engagement level as it is without inquiring reflections about every single thing in the same way through writing. For instance, I liked it when we read things and then presented them to the class instead of reflecting on it.

Who should be taking this course

The person fit to take this course is a person who be striving to learn how to be creative. Also he/she should be a person who likes a challenge because some parts of the course will totally depends on your creativity and expression more than any guideline written in general. It also requires an engaging person who interacts with the professor mid-class as well as the whole class student. A person who likes personal interaction on a very deep level and wouldn’t mind a high workload as long as it’s worth it.

General Reflection

One of the most things I loved about this class are the open discussions we had all semester long, in which we discussed stuff varying from educational like the course material, to the personal and sometimes hilarious arguments. I would like to mention that the slack conversations in which we discussed many things and shared valuable thoughts as well as amazing music, where we got to know each other were one of the closest. For me this course was like the break compared to threat of engineering courses.

Thank you all for giving me an amazing genuine experience that I will always remember as I look back to my time spent here.

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